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Today is Mar 7, 2021
Shandy Tong
Senior Associate Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3009250K / R006026J
Call (+65) 8288 8078 - (+65) 9029 6282
About Me


Hi!  I am Shandy Tong, Salesperson with OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd.


My first full-time real estate experience started in the Year 2009, and it was also my first experience in Sales.   Prior to joining as a Salesperson in real estate, I was an Executive Secretary to the Chairman of a public listed company for 12 years.    I have brought along my corporate business knowledge and experience to the real estate business with an aptitude to do the best.  I am able to be meticulous and detailed in handling the sale/rental of my client's houses and most importantly, to be able to provide prompt support to them.


I have set a mission and vision for myself to excel and try to be among the best in the real estate.   I believe in providing professional and honest service and maintain my stance to act for the best interest of my clients.

I will always strive my best to learn, to work hard and be professional in handling my work.     I want to give my clients the best of my best because  I believe that since they have chosen me to work with them,   then it is my duty to do my best for them.  


With the continuous support from my clients, my managers and co-broke agents, I was able to continuously receive the recognition of achievement over the years.  Thank you all for your support!


My recent recognition :

Award Attained from the Company, OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd – Year 2018

2018,  3rd Quarter  Top Achievers Award – 15th Position

2018,  September  Top Achievers Award – 44th Position

2018,  August Top Achievers Award – 12th Position

2018, 2nd Quarter Star Performer Award Recipient


Award Attained from Division, AAG

OrangeTee – AAG Top Producers of the Year 2018 – 15th Position

2018, AAG 3rd Quarter Top Producers  – 4th Position

2018, AAG 2nd Quarter Top Producers – 7th Position

2018, AAG 1st Quarter Top Producers  – 11th Position


Award Attained from Perry Siow’s Group

Top Producers Year 2018 – 3rd Position

2018, 3rd Quarter Top Achievers – 14th Position

2018, 2nd Quarter Top Achievers - Champion


Award Attained from the Company, OrangeTee & Tie Pte Ltd – Year 2017

Top 30 Achievers of Excellence 2017 – 11th Position

2017 – 4th Quarter Top Achievers Award – 24th Position

2017 – December Top Achievers Award – 19th Position

2017 – November Top Achievers Award – 28th Position

2017 – 3rd Quarter Top Achievers Award – 27th Position

2017 – July Top Achievers Award – 6th Position

2017 – April Top Achievers Award – 7th Position


Award Attained from the Division, AAG

AAG Top Producers of the Year 2017 – 6th Position

2017, AAG 4th Quarter Top Producers – 20th Position

2017, AAG 3rd Quarter Top Producers – 9th Position

Award Attained from Company : 2013

2013 - HSR Annual Top 10 Achievers (7th Position)

2013 - HSR Top 30 Producers (23rd Position) for October

2013 - HSR Top 30 Producers (19th Position) for September

2013 - HSR Top 30 Producers  (21st Position) for June


Award Attained from the Company : 2012

2012 - HSR Annual Top 10 Achievers (7th Position)

2012 - HSR Top 30 Producers (6th Position) for December

2012 - HSR Top 30 Producers (1st Position) for August

2012 - HSR Top 30 Producers (5th Position) for July

2012 - HSR Top 30 Producers (17th Position) for April

2012 - HSR Top 30 Producers (14th Position) for February


Award Attained from the Company : 2011

2011 - HSR Annual TOP 100 Achievers (19th Position)

2011 - HSR Top 30 Producers (26th Position) for August

2011 - HSR Top 30 Producers (7th Position) for June

2011 - HSR Top 30 Producers (21st Position) for April

2011 - HSR Top 30 Producers (27th Position) for March


Award Attained from the Company : 2010

2010 - HSR  Annual TOP 100 Achievers (35th Position)

2010 – HSR Top 30 Producers (27th Position) for Dec

2010 – HSR Top 30 Producers (17th Position) for April

2010 – HSR Top 30 Producers (6th Position) for March



Some testimonials from clients :

Mr Stephan Koh, Borthwick Drive

As I am currently living in the US, all communications and documentation to finalise the sale had to be done internationally.  This was done very efficiently given the fact that Shandy is willing to work till very late into the night Singapore time to respond to phone calls and queries from me on the actual negotiation phase and the detailed documentation follow ups.  The after sale follow up was professionally done that resulted in very smooth completion of the sale.  Overall an excellent experience. 


 Mr & Mrs Pang, Hemsley Avenue

We met Shandy during one of our house viewings. We found her to be sincere and professional. And when we decided to sell our house, it was a relatively easy decision for us to appoint her as our agent. During the entire process, she conducted herself professionally. She worked diligently to market our house, and provide regular updates on responses, viewings, and the market situation. She gave us the confidence that they were able to meet our expectations. Overall, we are extremely pleased with her service. We would definitely recommend her to others.


Mr & Mrs Yeo, Rosalia Apartment

Shandy has performed her role as housing agent above and beyond our expectations. She had been very professional in their service, even before our commissioning, through to the sale of our unit. Shandy works very hard with her team to generate leads and going that extra mile to arrange the house viewings appropriately such that it causes us the least inconvenience and yet maximises the viewings for potential buyers. Not only my husband and I are impressed with the extent of leads and viewings done over the period, even our neighbours can't help but notice too! In barely 2 months, Shandy achieved in getting a record-breaking sale price for our unit that is way above any transactions done in our condo. I would highly recommend them to anyone keen on selling their property.


 Marimuthu  Ganesh,  Alexis Condo (Seller)

& Ang Mo Kio HDB (Buyer)

Shandy was referred to me by a good mate to assist in the selling of my condo property (Alexis).  During the course of this transaction, I found her above all things honest and dedicated to achieving my objectives. She was patient with my queries and generous in sharing their knowledge of the industry. After the sales transaction, I was duly impressed by her constant customer focus and updates. Duly impressed, I engaged her to find a hdb resale apartment to buy as a marital home. Again I was duly impressed by her sheer commitment despite my rather stringent demands and timeframe. Once again she has exceeded my expectations and I have no hesitation in referring Shandy as a candidate for the award and am sure they are already a valuable asset to her organization's growth.


 Mr Prethev, Lor Gambir (Buyer), Serangoon HDB (Seller) and Condo (Landlord)

Being a victim of bad agents, I am grateful that I came across one of the best agents, Shandy Tong.   Shandy is really professional in her work, she goes out of her way and makes sure our requirements are met.  We are very happy… I would say her knowledge and professionalism has been very much displayed and … I am even willing to meet up with anyone to share my experience


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